Open the way to business agility

    Business agility—the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively adapt to changes in the business environment—depends in large part on a flexible workforce and a dynamic technology infrastructure. By offering choice based on an open ecosystem and the richness of unified communications, ShoreTel offers flexibility and performance designed for the dynamic IP age.

    A recent example of ShoreTel choice is Polycom’s KIRK DECT solutions. Polycom leveraged ShoreTel’s SIP interface to allow their DECT handsets to become fully featured ShoreTel extensions. And because Polycom is a certified technology partner, customers can count on these solutions to be interoperable today, tomorrow, next year, and well into the future.

    The ability to communicate with other business constituents in a manner that is the most effective and efficient should be the Holy Grail of UC. Only systems that are truly open can offer rapid and cost-effective business agility.

    Gone are the days of closed proprietary systems. Today’s UC solutions must work and be interoperable with other vendor’s solutions – hardware, software and services. Open interfaces, solutions and ecosystems are a reality and are demanded from IT professionals and end-users alike.

    ShoreTel embraces this notion and has proactively created an ecosystem of technology partners to deliver solutions which provide our reseller partners, customers and end users flexibility or choice.

    Polycom’s phones (DECT, Wi-Fi and conferencing), as well as the other mobility solutions in ShoreTel’s ecosystem all leveraging SIP, provide users choice – the choice to manage their communications the way they want. Brilliantly Simple.

    Learn more about ShoreTel's Technology Partner Program.


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