Orange and Black: ShoreTel at AT&T Park

    ShoreTel is pleased to count the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants as a very satisfied ShoreTel customer and we are also very happy to be a proud sponsor of the Giants.

    ShoreTel appeals to those who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We strive to be the technology of tomorrow’s leaders who are challengers themselves (or in this case, defending the World Series title).

    We’re always looking for opportunities to showcase our successful customers, so we invited some journalists to be our guests at “ShoreTel Media Day.” One of them was even featured as the fan of the game! (We are known for our raving fans, after all.)

    Giants’ CIO, Bill Schlough, was able to stop by and shared some of his thoughts and experiences with ShoreTel.

    Sports organizations are turning to ShoreTel’s technology to help satisfy customers, improve energy efficiency, and cut costs without hurting performance. AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants, along with other contenders like the Washington Wizards, Sacramento River Cats, Flying Lizards, Infineon Raceway, Melbourne Football Club, St. Louis Rams, L.A. Lakers and Real Salt Lake agree that ShoreTel has a winning solution based on the principle of simplicity; it offers a unique and superior architecture, the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest customer satisfaction.

    It was a great opportunity to relax with our guests and enjoy a great game. It was especially nice that the Giants beat the Minnesota Twins by a score of 5 -1!

    Go Giants!


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