Organizations increasingly acknowledging importance of unified communications

    Unified communications focuses on optimizing business processes and unifying employees and customers. Integration of UC into company infrastructures is becoming a common practice because of the possibilities the technology holds.

    CIOL's Neeraj Gill recently evaluated the changing world of unified communications. In the past few years, there have been a number of technologies introduced that can unify companies, employees and clients. Technologies, such as social media, instant messaging and video conferencing, can contribute to business efficiency.

    Companies that adopt UC no longer have to worry about producing work in the office. Instead, employees who travel or stay at home have the opportunity to finish projects or reports anywhere. The ability to connect in new and different ways from devices other than a desktop or through face-to-face meetings represents the future of unified communications, according to Gill.

    Even the growing popularity of cloud voice over internet protocol compared to landlines is bringing a new meaning to UC. According to a survey conducted by Cisco, smartphone and tablet users prefer to use Wi-Fi over cellular connections because it is cheaper, faster and more reliable. Employees who participate in the bring your own device movement can access the cloud through their mobile devices, which can increase business productivity, according to a survey conducted by Trend Micro.

    The introduction of these new sources of communication can open up multiple opportunities for businesses and can even help a company get ahead in its industry.

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