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    Corporate profits rose to an all-time high last year. Increases in consumer confidence and spending helped fuel the growth, but the key driver?  Having a highly efficient, lean staffing plan.

    You want as few people as possible accomplishing as much as possible every business day. But this high productivity comes with a downside: what happens when a new project--or critical challenge-- arises and demands additional resources?

    Here's an example: after years of slow and steady increases, your sales have suddenly started to spike. (Maybe that social media investment really paid off).  That's the good news.  The bad news?  Your old voicemail system keeps crashing, but your legacy PBX phone system is out of warranty and you can't get software updates. Or maybe you have a call center that can't keep pace and customers are getting frustrated with being on hold for "hours." (Just watch the social conversation come back and bite you.)

    You've got to get a new business phone system, and fast. Maybe even roll out a sophisticated contact center. But how?  Who has time to research and interview IP phone system vendors?  Who has time to dig deep into your organization to really understand what integrated communications features you even need?

    Here's the best way to deepen your bench: hire an IP Telephony consultant.  Let them use their expertise to do the heavy lifting for your unified communications needs. Why funnel valuable staff time toward learning the current state of the art from the ground up? You'll actually save money when you bring a consultant on board because they're way beyond the learning curve. The time they'll save makes you money in the end.

    ShoreTel recognizes the value of professional unified communications consultants. That's why we offer a robust Consultant Liaison Program. We're making it easier than ever for VoIP services consultants to have the best knowledge and tools possible to present their clients the right UC solutions for every communications challenge.

    ShoreTel's Consultant Liaison Program is designed to address the unique needs of independent consultants who advise companies across an array of vertical markets. Our program is backed by a Consultant Advisory Board--eight top-notch, independent communications consultants who ensure that we offer our members one of the strongest consultant liaison programs in the field.

    Consultants can be tasked with identifying unified communications strategies, assessing VoIP phone system requirements, writing RFPs, implementing enterprise mobility  solutions within pre-existing infrastructures, evaluating cloud-based unified communications software solutions, helping to optimize contact centers, and recommending ways to streamline and transform business processes. Keeping current with the plethora of offerings in the UC marketplace can be daunting.

    Our Consultant Liaison Program provides quick and easy access to resources that help independent business communications consultants stay informed. When they join our program, they get personalized assistance, basically hands-on support for their entire project life cycle.

    ShoreTel's CLP provides a single source for quick answers to IP phone and integrated communications technical questions; access to RFP templates and materials; briefings, webinars and educational sessions; monthly updates and use of the most up to date version of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator, and ombudsman assistance for navigating the sometimes murky waters of client/vendor relationships.

    Membership in ShoreTel's Consultant Liaison Program includes access to our Consultant Portal and direct access to me and my pool of resources, contacts and process short-cuts.  I've been working with consultants since 1994, and I know what they need to do their job best.  My goal is to deliver the ultimate in service and support so both consultants and their clients can increase their revenues, reduce their overhead and ensure satisfied customers all around.

    Are you a business that could benefit from bringing a consultant on board to help you explore your Unified Communications options? Contact Nancy, who can recommend dozens of consultants to you based on your geography, industry and need.

    Are you a consultant serving the Unified Communications field?  Consider joining ShoreTel's Consultant Liaison Program.

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