Our Summer Reading List

    Every summer we ask our staff to let us know what they are reading and which books they would recommend. We usually get a great mix including everything from business handbooks to selections of short stories. This year is no different. Here are just a few:

    Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable...About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business by Patrick Lencioni

    "Cure for the common business pain: bad meetings. Easy read and engaging."

    Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

    "Everyone's reading it. Truly amazing story about an inspirational hero who showed how there's not greater advantage than a strong, authentic philosophy. Also, the dude keeps staring at you from the cover, like he's peeking out from the afterlife." - Dan

    Bossypants by Tina Fey

    "Absolutely hilarious book with amazing insight and storytelling" - Monica

    And my recommendation, Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America by Gilbert King. A mesmerizing book about racial injustice in American and the brave people who fought it. An important, and hopefully never forgotten, time in American history.

    Visit us at Pinterest to see the rest of our staff recommendations. And, please, feel free to add your own.

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