Out of the office

    One of the ways that cloud computing is helping to revolutionize the economy is by making it easy for people to work from wherever they are and for companies to hire the most qualified candidates, regardless of geography. The M5 business phone solution enables this by making it quick and easy to work from anywhere, with all of the features you'd expect at your desk.

    Our customer, Jeffery Newton, Applications Engineer for Synergis Software took a moment to let us know how well it works for him.

    “The M5 phones are downright exciting. When I took my phone home to Canada, I plugged it in and my little home office was instantly connected to everyone else at headquarters. It was the best experience ever. I love that the call screening rules work seamlessly and no one seems to notice if they’ve reached me on my cell or my desk phone. Clarity and reliability seem to be 5x5 on all the calls I have made. Our IT team clearly took the time to find the best product they could for us.”

    Thanks Jeffery. We love it too.

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