Partnerships Can Deliver Effective UC Solutions

    Businesses are looking to achieve the cost savings and competitive advantages that unified communications can offer. And ShoreTel’s UC solution, which enables businesses to leverage VoIP telephony to use multimedia communications, enterprise applications, and personal information in an integrated environment, is a leader in this market.

    ShoreTel sometimes works with other vendors to provide best of breed UC solutions when it best suits customers.

    The partnership between ShoreTel, Polycom and HP, outlined in the ShoreTel White Paper, “Best of Breed Solutions Can Click for Collaboration,” is a prime example of vendors working together to provide leading communication services to customers.

    These three companies in the communications sector teamed up to provide a complete UC solution, and offered a promotional incentive for these bundled services. The promotional bundle gave customers the flexibility to right-size solution architectures for their specific needs. The bundle provides a broad portfolio of services at comparatively low TCO, and the technology is capable of supporting a variety of verticals.

    The package includes ShoreTel’s on-premise, cloud and mobility solutions, HP’s Networking solutions, and Polycom RealPresence video and voice solutions. Customers can acquire bundled offerings through ShoreTel resellers so that they can enjoy the ease of having a single point of contact for all UC-related matters.

    “We are seeing significant customer demand for a best-of-breed built solutions with a low total cost of ownership,” ShoreTel CEO Peter Blackmore said of the integrated communications solution. “Through our distributed architecture and joint promotion, we are able to further lower the cost of entry while maintaining ShoreTel’s commitment to a brilliantly simple solution.”

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