Passwords necessary to ensure cloud computing security

    When using cloud computing services, a password can provide protection against a hacker's attempts to control information.

    Experts agree that simple passwords like "123456" can't provide the necessary security measures. Many people's passwords are weak, according to Ars Technica's Dan Goodin. Some people don't even secure their mobile devices or accounts with a password. According to a SecurityCoverage infographic, 63 percent of smartphone users do not use a form of password protection and password theft has increased 300 percent since 2010.


    Experts recommend a complex mix of numbers and letters to access accounts. Business owners should also have a different password for each account.


    Two-step authentication has been introduced in a number of websites based in the cloud. Dropbox is the most recent company to incorporate this data loss security system. Dropbox's new system requires users to have access to a mobile device. A unique code will be sent a user's cell phone every time he or she logs in.


    PCWorld's David Jeffers wrote that this system can be seen as a hassle, but it can also lead to better security and can protect against unauthorized users


    Passwords have become a necessity for business owners to prevent possible breaches in the cloud. As cloud computing grows in popularity, a two-step authentication system could provide added protection.