To PBX or Not to PBX... That is the question!

    This is a really interesting article…

    I haven’t seen it (yet), but the author claims the PBX vendors are moving to a SaaS based offering. Yes, I did lose a deal (or 2) where the client installed a PBX in their data center (as I write this, I’m responding to an RFP where the client wants 2 PBX’s in 2 data centers – he didn’t know a service like M5 was available).  That’s not SaaS, that’s increasing your responsibility and moving it further away.

    If this is true – if the new message to the market from box pushers is “buy M5” (as usual, I’m paraphrasing), don’t put a voice boat anchor in your location.

    Regardless, I believe this is the best M5 marketing article yet published by No Jitter…

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