A Peeve, An Offer

    A Peeve:  I might burn my local Lowe’s down to the ground.  Three months of not knowing when my new washer and dryer would show; calling, calling, transferring in loops, cajoling clerks to punch my name into the computer.   Finally, one day a couple of weeks ago, a truck pulls up in front of the house, then refuses to deliver, and finally just leaves these enormous boxes on the sidewalk.  Bad service ruins my day!  But it reminded me of what I’m trying NOT to do at work.

    At M5, I’ve been trying for ten years to create great experiences for customers and avoid washer-dryer-Lowe's-hell.  When we succeed, it is often because we help our customers deliver great service in turn to their customers.  So we are in deep with the whole service thing.    I'm hoping that sharing our stumbles and successes will spur some idea sharing.  To that end, here's an offer.  Business books have helped us think about some of these ideas.  I will mention a few good ones along the way, and if you are interested, just email me and I will send you a copy, in exchange for your thoughts.

    I recommend checking out MSN Money’s Customer Service Hall of Shame.

    And in case you think great service is a small issue, check this out: http://www.bizreport.com/2010/02/report_83_billion_lost_because_of_bad_customer_service.html

    Next up:  Holes and Shovels

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