Personal UC Drives Transformation Across an Organization

    The workplace is undergoing a drastic change, as greater connectivity, mobility and the use of personal devices has transformed the way we work.

    Because of this, more organizations are adopting Unified Communications solutions that integrate mobility, video, BYOD and more. However, traditional UC isn't nearly enough and organizations need to embrace Personal UC says Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research.

    "UC must both become personalized and become the unifying technology that enables all workers to communicate and collaborate using their preferred tools," Kerravala wrote in the white paper Mobility Drives the Need for Personal Unified Communications. Personal UC is the ability to deliver a consistent set of UC services to any user, on any device, in any work location. While the immediate benefit may be in each worker to be more productive, it has a range of benefits that extend beyond the individual. Kerravala lists numerous benefits of Personal UC to different people within an organization, including:

    Benefits to the Business LeaderPersonal-UC-Inforgraphic

    • Greater employee productivity
    • Improved customer service
    • Greater business intelligence

    Benefits to the C-Suite 

    • Greater business agility
    • Faster time to market
    • Competitive advantage
    • Budget flexibility
    • Company-wide key performance indicators
    • Greater IT–business alignment

    Benefits to the Worker

    • Simplified collaboration
    • Faster time to information
    • Greater utilization of collaboration tools
    • Optimized for generational differences

    Benefits to the IT Organization

    • Fast deployment times
    • Simplified operations
    • Investment protection
    • Fewer support calls and reduced training expenses
    • Support for BYOD initiatives

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