The Phone On Your Desk – Is It Sending The Right Message?

    It’s always a pleasure attending the International Legal Technology Association conference, which begins today at the Opryland hotel in beautiful Nashville, Tenn. It’s the legal industry’s largest event, drawing IT professionals from law firms around the world to learn about the latest communication solutions.

    We’re pleased to be a sponsor, and showcase our latest solutions for the legal professional. From brilliantly simple unified communications solutions and mobility solutions, to integrated applications that ensure accurate billing of clients while on the phone - we’re demonstrating them all today in Booth 124.

    This conference is also a great opportunity to meet many of the raving ShoreTel fans. Customers love to discuss their focus on serving their clients, such as Jones Waldo Holbrook & McDonough.

    We also have channel partners such as Boston Wireless bringing prospective customers to the booth to learn why we are so unique. What is fun for me, is watching one of our customers join in the discussion, and offer to have the guest to come to their office and check it out. Not to mention, the customer usually does the demonstration with our solution in the booth, has the guest take over as administrator, create users, try out the applications, and really sees for firsthand how we eliminate complexity without foregoing the sophistication they need.

    The reaction of turning an instant message into a phone call into a full desktop collaboration session with one click of the mouse is so much fun it should almost be illegal. But any lawyer in the room will tell you, it is just the ShoreTel way.

    What I find fascinating about this industry, is there are two types of buyers. Some IT directors buy Cisco because the lawyer likes having a Cisco phone on the desk that their client will recognize as the same phone prop on television’s The West Wing. And they don’t mind paying the significant price and expense for ongoing maintenance, which is passed on the clients.

    With ShoreTel customers, it is exactly the opposite. They select the ShoreTel solution because it is a fraction of the total cost of ownership as Cisco, has superior sound and does everything the Cisco system does and more. The brilliantly simple nature lets the lawyer focus on the client, and the IT director on providing technologies to help them do exactly that. I’ve always been suspicious of people that wear a flashy Rolex watch that is actually less accurate than a Timex, but costs 100 times more. Makes me wonder what I’m paying for.

    It’s 34 years and one week since we bid adieu to the King. So in honor of Elvis’ home state, it’s time to say “one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go” to check out the ShoreTel booth (124).

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