Pick up the phone! I want to buy something!

    A few weeks ago, I was searching for an SEO vendor to help us market our web site. Finding the companies I was looking for should be easy – if they can market themselves well, theoretically, they can market us well. So, with the help of Google and Bing, I found 3 companies who had positive customer references, appealing aesthetics, and the opportunity to vie for our business.

    Since these companies were probably savvy with web sites and email, I called them to get a feel for how they behave in the real world – it’s harder to fake professionalism on the phone. Unfortunately, calling all three companies went to phone trees and eventually voicemail. It was 2pm on a Friday, but still disappointing that not one of them answered a sales call during business hours. Monday came and went. On Tuesday, I got one call back. With that level of excitement for new business, I can only imagine the turnaround times for existing customers. No, thanks.

    How many calls from people wanting to do business with you get lost? How many voicemails never get called back?

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