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    Recently, we conducted a webinar to introduce people to our Callfinity Contact Center solution.  We were very excited by the excellent questions posed by the audience and would like to share some of the most frequently asked.  If you missed it, we welcome you to view the recorded event.

    What are the benefits of having multiple queues? – The reason we offer multiple queues is that we have found it is often easier for call center mangers to administer multiple queues.  One of the main benefits is that you can run reports per queue.  You can set up your dashboard and filter by queue.  This makes a lot of sense for contact centers with a large number of employees or those that answer many different types of calls.  If, on the other hand, you have only a few agents who take all types of calls, multiple queues may not be necessary and skills based routing could be used instead.

    Does M5 support softphones for contact center agents? – We do.  In fact, there are three ways that agents can connect to audio.  First, they can use a desktop phone.  At this time we support Cisco phones and we plan to add support for ShoreTel phones next year.  These are very high quality phones and you can certainly buy one for every agent if you like.  The second option is a softphone.  The softphone is an IP connection from the user’s computer back to our switch. This is an application that we provide.  It can be licensed with a one-time fee, or a monthly fee.  We will also be releasing a third option soon that is called PSTN Agents (Public Switch Telephone Network Agents).  This option allows call center agents to be on any phone.  They can log into the queue from a home phone or mobile phone.

    Is the “Barge” feature part of the Contact Center suite?  Actually, this feature is part of the M5 phone system and is available to all M5 customers for free, regardless of whether they use our Contact Center solution.  There are three related features that we think can benefit most every client.  Eavesdrop allows managers with permission to listen in on calls without any announcement to the agent or the caller.  With the Whisper feature, mangers can speak to the agent and give advice without the caller hearing.  And finally, Barge allows the manager to interrupt the call and speak directly to the agent and the caller.  These are all incredibly valuable training and quality assurance tools.

    Are home based workers supported?  Yes.  There are no limits to brining in remote agents.  That’s the nice thing about a cloud-based system.  You don’t need to worry about where the agents are physically located or where the hardware happens to be.  Home based workers can use home phone lines, they can use a softphone or they can bring a desktop phone home.

    What about spikes in calls?  Are there any capacity limits?  There are not.  In a traditional contact center deployment you do have limits on capacity.  Under the old PBX plus ACD approach, you had two choke points to worry about.  The first was the number of PSTN lines coming in.  If you had 50 lines, for example, caller 51 would get a busy signal.  The second choke point is between the PBX and the ACD.  There were a limited number of tie lines between them and if too many of those lines were used new calls could not enter the queue, and worse, calls might be dropped.  This doesn’t happen in a cloud based system.  With M5 you don’t have to worry about capacity because we manage it for you.  We run capacity reports and do capacity planning.  We use wholesale carriers with multiple diverse paths in multiple data centers to ensure more than enough capacity for our clients.

    You save recorded calls for 60 days, what if we would like to save them for longer?   –  By default we store call recordings for 2 months.  However, if you would like us to save them for longer, we charge $5 per gigabyte per month.  Because of the compression we use, you can store a lot of calls in a gigabyte.  We are happy to store them for up to seven years.

    We hope these answers are helpful.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us and one of our contact center specialists will be happy to assist.

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