The Power of Integrated Collaboration

    The world of business communications and collaboration is changing at lightning speed. And almost every organization can benefit from integrated collaboration. These new tools are changing how work gets done and how customers or clients are served. The results are significant savings and efficiencies, as well as the potential for increased business growth.

    Integrated communication brings a new set of tools to communications. Here are four top technologies:

    • Presence: Software can now show you who is logged into the network, where that person is, whether they are busy (e.g. on the phone, in a meeting, away from their desk, etc.), and if they are available for questions, assignments or collaboration. Presence also helps your employees avoid wasting time on phone calls or landing in voice mail.

    • Instant Messaging (IM): It is now possible to communicate quickly, without the disruption of a phone call, using instant messaging (the office version of texting). Quick IM chats can replace up to 30 percent of internal phone calls. Instant messaging is more flexible too: you can simultaneously IM with more than one person even if they are on the phone (e.g. checking facts while talking to a customer).

    • Virtual Meetings: These meetings are like being at the same table in the same room. These can be one‐on‐one meetings, where you and another person are looking at the same document while you are talking about it. You can even turn on video to be “in the same room.” These can be scheduled group conference calls, just as before, but now you can share presentations or documents, essentially from anywhere on the network.

    • Mobility: You can take these new tools on the road. Just as cell phones took voice calls on the road and smartphones took email on the road, you can now take IC on the road, having presence, IM, and virtual meetings from essentially anywhere.


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