The Power of Orange

    Color psychology is an area of study that investigates the effect of color on people. While most people don’t think about it, color has a tremendous amount of psychology and cultural meaning, and marketers often use this to help reinforce their brand image.

    Take ShoreTel for example.

    Our primary brand color is orange, which as you probably know falls between red and yellow in the visible light spectrum. For the overwhelming majority of people, orange promotes a sense of warmth, particularly since we see it most commonly in nature during brilliant sunsets.

    As an extension, color psychology research shows that orange also tends to promote feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, the exact same feelings that many of our customers feel about our brilliantly simple unified communications and enterprise mobility solutions.

    So when you are considering upgrading your phone system, leverage the Power of Orange and give your IT staff and users a unified communications solution that promotes excitement and enthusiasm.

    Give them ShoreTel.

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