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    While Microsoft and Google Fight for Cloud Dominance, The Clear Choice is Mitel


    While Microsoft and Google ‘duke it out’ at IP Expo in London next week to debate the future of the cloud, Mitel continues to expand its lead in the worldwide market in cloud revenue and seats. And, it’s not just us saying this. Synergy Research Group recently crunched the numbers, which show nearly one out of every four new cloud communications users is choosing Mitel, more than any other brand. 

    We currently support upwards of 1.6 million subscribers—almost a quarter of all global cloud users—nearly twice the number of our nearest competitor.

    Mitel users also span 100+ countries with 36 percent being enterprises. Of that figure, several exceed the five thousand seat mark. In addition to leading in those areas, Synergy’s research found Mitel pulling ahead in revenue for Q2 2015, as well. To put all that in perspective, just think about the 1.6 million number. That many people could fill the world’s largest sports facility, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, four times over or Barcelona’s Nou Camp, the largest capacity stadium in Europe, 16 times. 

    Customers are choosing Mitel’s broad cloud communications portfolio because it offers them the best path to the cloud depending on their unique requirements. Whether they need a private, public or hybrid deployment, we can offer them a flexible migration delivered directly by Mitel or through our global partner network. The end goal is providing them access to real-time communications features that enable greater collaboration and productivity. With the numbers to back it up, Mitel is the clear enterprise cloud leader.

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    *according to a new Synergy Research Group report on Q2 2015

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