A Practical Backup Solution for Mitel Communications Director

    Whether it’s your personal computer, a workstation at the office, or your mobile phone, we have all experienced lost photos, lost projects, lost data. Even as I drafted this blog piece, Microsoft® Windows® crashed and the instant pangs of losing my original work highlighted the relevance and importance of backing up your data.

    While my lost blog pales in comparison to businesses that lose mission-critical data, the costs could be astronomical. Have you ever considered how current and useful a backup service could be for a Mitel Communications Director (MCD)? Or, have you taken into consideration what your existing backup actually covers? In my own experience (and this stands to be true across the globe), the top three failures that cause data loss include: 78% hardware or system malfunction, 11% human error, 7% software corruption or program malfunction. Aware of this, the team at Martello Technologies narrowed in on developing a solution that offers a comprehensive backup solution specifically for MCD.

    Backups are crucial and every business should have them in place. But what are some key things to look for when choosing the right backup service for your MCD? To begin, the only way to completely protect your data and assure that it could be restored is maintaining up-to-date copies of your data in an offsite high-security facility. In addition to security, a solution that performs backups remotely dramatically reduces backup and recovery times. Finally, a noteworthy backup service for MCDs should essentially backup the following data:

    • MCD configuration
    • Call history: incoming, outgoing, and duration
    • Embedded voicemail configuration and data

    Additionally, all backup should be:

    • At regular intervals and stored in secure off-site storage (Amazon S3)
    • Downloadable file (for restoring)

    Mitel Performance Analytics, powered by Martello Technologies, now offers the latest in backup services for MCD – and it was built to keep pace with the scale and complexity of any network size. If you are still going onsite to configure backups, consider upgrading to a total solution that saves on resources.


    Learn more about Mitel Performance Analytics that now offers MCD Remote Off-site Backup

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