Prestigious American College Modernizes Collaboration with ShoreTel UC

    The College of William and Mary prides itself on being not just one of the very oldest institutions of higher learning in America, but also one of the top ranked universities. The school has a royal pedigree—it was chartered by King William III and Queen Mary II of England in 1693—and a rich history of providing educational excellence. It also has a reputation for being very modern and very forward looking. In fact, Intel named William and Mary one of the top 50 most “unwired colleges” for its campus-wide wireless network.

    The College of William and Mary was hindered by a twenty-one-year-old PBX telephone system that used scavenged parts and third-party technicians to keep it running. With potential phone system failure looming, the college chose to seek a modern IP telephony solution.

    The College deployed a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) solution comprising: ShoreTel Voice Switches, models 46 SG-24A, 21 SG-220T1 and 12 SG-T1K; ShoreTel IP telephones, models IP 115, IP 230, and the new IP 655; ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center software; ShoreTel Professional Communicator; and 3,700 licenses. Benefits include:

    • The ShoreTel Unified Communication system overhauled campus telephony interactions by replacing an 8,000-line legacy PBX phone and voice mail system with state-of-the-art VoIP technologies, E911, softphone capabilities and unified messaging.
    • The College capitalized on ShoreTel’s fully redundant distributed IP architecture with 99.999 percent availability to dramatically reduce risk, and improve fault tolerance and business continuity for mission-critical operations.
    • Professional Communicator provides brilliant simple collaboration tools accessible from the desktop to vastly expedite call handling, expand communications opportunities and streamline workflow activities for greater visibility and productivity.
    • ShoreTel IP Telephone 655 provides an application-ready platform with next-generation capabilities to further extend call efficiencies, including conference bridge management, visual voice mail, patent-pending microphone technology and haptic feedback.

    “ShoreTel’s tagline is ‘brilliantly simple’ — and it really is. Some of the phone systems we reviewed were really complicated, but setting up and managing the ShoreTel system seems very straightforward. You don’t need weeks of training just to figure it out. That was a big plus,” - Courtney Carpenter, chief information officer for the College of William and Mary.


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