Problem: ”I want to come back from lunch and see what happened…”

    In ECC we have a couple of ways to see what happened at any point in the day. We have Historical Reports certainly and Real Time feeds (Agent and Group) that are very exceedingly useful but take a peek at the often overlooked “Group Hourly” Report. It’s a bit of a “flyover” report as people look at the Interval (Real Time) reports and the Daily reports within Agent Manager but stuck inside the Hourly category is this one lonely but very powerful report:


    One way to use them is to monitor multiple groups. You might be watching "Chat” with one report and “Voice” with a second report. No data from any point in the day is outside of your immediate reach as you can scroll through and see any interval (15 minutes in this case) part of the business day. These reports roll over at midnight.


    Another way to have data immediately available perhaps looking “backwards” at a particular slice of time to the “back from lunch” scenario is to utilize toolbars with links to scheduled and exported reports. Create a scheduled report to a share on the ECC server which you can create a shortcut to on your desktop. Aim the CC toolbar entry at these documents and as they “repopulate” every 15 minutes you will then have them at your fingertips within a Communicator Toolbar:




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