PURE Insurance

    Pure Insurance is a new M5 client that taps into the high-end of the insurance market. We're talking about insurance for million dollar plus homes, garages full of luxury cars, yachts, jewelry, you get the idea. So a new customer lead is quite valuable. Previous marketing efforts would use the Pure toll free number but wouldn't track which channel the calls were coming from. TV commercial? Banner ad? NYTimes page? Skywriting?

    Pure came to M5 because of the valuable analytics we could provide around calls, knowing how many people are calling a number, how long they are on the phone and tying into CRM systems to know what was the result of those calls. Now, each marketing channel has it's own toll-free number (all in the format (888)XXX-PURE). So when Pure orders the skywriter to write a message over the Easthampton beach this summer, they'll will know how many new calls (and clients) that advertising created. Pure genius.

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