Quick Tip on Creating a Contact Center Interaction Viewer Quick Report

    Heard at 9:15 AM: “I need that data NOW!!! Email it to me please…”

    Ever hear that from the Contact Center manager/director/person-truly-in-charge?

    Using the Contact Center Interaction Viewer (CCIV) to track calls in real-time, you can create a pdf report complete with columns and headers in about 30 seconds.

    Here’s a CCIV screen:

    Copy the headers and all the data you need using “Filters” to isolate an ANI or Agent (just 2 examples of many):


    Then drop it into Excel (I dropped it onto line 3 to have some title space, and then resized columns just a bit for visibility):

    “Save As” pdf and you’re done. Total elapsed time is about 30 seconds.


    Delivered at 9:16 AM:

    “Here you go, boss, the report is in your email in-box.”

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