Reflections on ShoreTel’s Achievements in Asia in 2014

    This is the second blog in a two part series reviewing ShoreTel’s achievements in Asia in 2014

    ShoreTel has seen exciting new developments in 2014, which have carried over into 2015. I outlined some of these accomplishments in my previous post.

    One of the highlights of 2014 was our FY15 Partner kick-off event in Singapore. At this event, the ShoreTel Asia team decided to do something different. We invited our strategic distribution and reseller channel partners from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to a two day “adventure learning simulation” training event with corporate trainer Peak Teams in Singapore.

    Over the two days, each team had to work together, making decisions and creating plans and strategies to deal with the challenges they faced. Rather than the typical product or sales training sessions, this event was designed to strengthen the relationships that ShoreTel has with our channel partners and build on our capability to collaborate as a team. ShoreTel’s success is built on the long-term relationships we have with our key partners in the region, and our ability to work together to achieve our business goals.

    2014 also saw the launch of ShoreTel 14.2 which allows companies of all sizes to deploy a ShoreTel communications system in a virtual environment. With ShoreTel 14.2, our customers can select the UC deployment model that best suits their business and infrastructure needs – virtual, physical or any combination of both.

    Another product update was the launch of Mobility 8, a major update to ShoreTel Mobility, offering mobile-enabled video conferencing. Mobility 8 provides video communications via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with single touch video calling from the keypad.

    ShoreTel – revises GAP program

    2014 saw a tremendous amount of work and cross functional collaboration that helped to fine tune our Global Accounts Program, that helped establish smoother policy, and governance and operational benefits to our GAP customers, partners and ShoreTel internally.

    Meanwhile, we also continued to expand our footprint in the region, with the opening of ShoreTel India in Bangalore to provide sales, global support services, and research and development.

    The milestones listed here and in my previous blog have helped to increase our strength and foundation in the Asian region and driven ShoreTel forward in APAC. We are continuing this momentum into 2015. I’m certain that when we look back on 2015 we will have many more achievements to reflect and build on. Bring it on!!!


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