Reflections on ShoreTel’s New Office in Bangalore

    In early 2014, ShoreTel embarked on a journey to establish a Bangalore office to add to our global presence. ShoreTel targeted Bangalore because we want to continue to source and recruit top technology talent from around the world. Bangalore, which is often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, is a growing technology hub filled with talented engineers. In September of 2014, we held an inaugural office opening and have continued to hire engineering talent from the area.

    Technology is a thriving business in Bangalore and our new office is in one of the technology parks with branches of other U.S. technology companies. The office will provide sales, global support services, and research and development. It has an open floor seating arrangement to encourage collaboration and a foosball table for recreational gaming.

    Opening our Bangalore office took a lot of people and planning over the course of year. During a trip in January, three executive members and a few other leaders held our first executive sponsored orientation for 60 new employees who were hired six months prior.

    The first day of the opening we held our executive sponsors orientation where the executives provided guidance on our corporate direction, department-specific activities and who’s who in the various departments. Afterwards, we sponsored an employee and executive mingle for employees. Then the management team enjoyed a traditional Indian 10+ course. The remainder of the week, the local management team scheduled as many face to face meetings with the executives. As a part of these meeting, management spoke to ShoreTel’s vision and mission, along with our shared corporate beliefs. It was clear the engineers are exciting to be working on our products and solutions.

    Having been involved in the human resources preparation of the office, interviewing many of the original hires, and on-boarding the 60+ employees, the trip was rewarding for me to see the office come to life. The Bangalore office brings excitement and energy to what we are doing here at ShoreTel. As we continue to build our brand and recruit more talent, I am confident that our Bangalore employees will enhance our products, service and corporate culture for many years.