Report highlights best, worst aspects of BYOD

    Many organizations believe the bring-your-own-device trend can significantly benefit their operations. While this assertion is true in many respects, experts have encouraged businesses to ensure they have security in place to protect their IT infrastructure when implementing BYOD.

    TechZone 360 recently highlighted the advantages and potential pitfalls associated with BYOD. The news source indicated that organizations no longer have to spend for mobile devices and then distribute them to employees. While this may deter some workers, the Good Technology State of BYOD Report found that 50 percent of companies supporting BYOD require their staff members to cover all costs of bring these products into the workplace.

    "An organization gets the benefit of the latest features and capabilities because BYOD devices tend to be more cutting edge," the TechZone 360 report explained. "Upgrades to the latest hardware are also more frequent compared to upgrading an entire company."

    BYOD risks must be monitored

    TechZone 360 also noted that, despite these benefits, organizations should look at the security risks caused by BYOD. A frustrating aspect of BYOD,is that businesses lack control over what types of devices access their networks. The news source also said that more than 1.3 million phones are stolen each year, and more than 50 percent of all stolen laptops result in a data breach.

    "It's also difficult for IT to tell an employee what is or is not an acceptable use of their own laptop or smartphone," the news source said. "Company-issued IT usually comes with an acceptable use policy, which is protected by company-issued security that is managed and updated by the IT department."

    Businesses can launch BYOD support quickly

    While many organizations are undoubtedly weighing the benefits and cons of BYOD, those that choose to go forward with this initiative can do so rather easily. A report recently suggested that businesses should use unified communications, cloud PBX, email hosting and file server options, among others, to back BYOD.

    As others have suggested, the Smallbiztechnology report also mentioned that companies must address security issues associated with BYOD. The news source said businesses must be aware and know exactly how their mission-critical data is stored and protected.

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