Report offers tips for companies selecting call center software

    Industry experts have praised call center software because it helps organizations lower their operating costs and improve their overall operations. When choosing the right solution, however, some businesses may feel overwhelmed. To help companies address this issue, Resource Nationa recently offered several tips for choosing new call center solutions.

    "Tracking your calls and engagements is critical to maintaining a successful customer service center," the news provider explained. "Customers want to be heard, understood and treated as though you're friends with them. Being able to track previous conversations, interactions, purchasing history and more will make this possible for your agents."

    The Resource Nation report also encouraged organizations to select call center options that allow them to manage their agents effectively regardless of location. The solution should also be easy to use for these workers, otherwise the platform will fall short of expectations. Businesses that insist on implementing more complicated software are encouraged to devote resources to employee training and support. Vendors should have a department in place to help with this transition and answer any issues down the road.

    "A lot goes into choosing the right call center software for your business," the report said. "Not only is this software integral for your call center agents, but it's necessary to maintain successful and productive customer service. Be sure to keep these options in mind, before choosing a program that won’t be able to fit your needs."

    Small businesses encouraged to utilize call centers

    Small businesses in the past generally had to target a local audience, but technology has made it possible for these companies to broaden their operations to a global scale. A communications vendor recently announced that call centers help organizations remain available at all times regardless of location or time zone. With this solution in place, 24-hour availability is now a possibility.

    Experts also believe modern call centers are useful for studying important customer information. A recent CIO report suggested that companies in the past were primarily concerned with how many calls they received and the length of each conversation. But more organizations are leveraging analytics to address many changes. Tony Filippone, HfS Research executive vice president, said agents are required to handle more customer inquiries from a wider range of channels, including social media.