Report shows customers willing to discontinue services over bad call centers

    A recent poll found that six out of every 10 respondents have discontinued their relationship with a business because of bad experiences with its contact center. According to Natterbox, this trend has not entirely changed customers' habits, however. Sixty-four percent preferred telephone communication, while 28 percent prefer email and 4 percent picked Twitter as their favorite way to contact customer service.

    As the most popular form of customer service, contact centers need to improve their telephone services. Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox - the company that performed the poll, said that people simply prefer speaking with another human being, and that busy consumers "don't have the time or patience to tolerate shoddy service," according to the news source.


    "As businesses increasingly move their operations online ... the telephone contact center is often their only personal interaction with the customer, so it’s vital to get it right," Hammerton said to the CCC. "There is pressure to control costs but technology exists now that can streamline the caller experience, automatically putting them through to the right person, first time. Nowadays there should be no excuse to leave frustrated customers hanging on the telephone.”


    Various changes can be made to improve the customer experience though. Customer relationship management can increase client satisfaction by integrating multiple technologies that provide the caller with more options to help resolve their inquiries.


    Setting up an improved phone system can also help representatives provide better service with high-quality technology. With updated telecommunications utilities, employees can be more productive and uncover new strategies. Cloud-based solutions may also increase productivity and worker happiness through various benefits.


    The benefits of happier and more productive employees will pass along to customers who will be greeted by highly-engaged agents dedicated to finding quick and effective solutions. Finally, profit margins can improve as well as customers are more likely to stay with a company and recommend it to others. According to Call Centre Helper more businesses are seeing the benefits of allowing employees to telework also, seeing flexibility as a major advantage for the company.



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