Response Point Bites the Dust, and the Shift Towards Hosted VoIP Continues

    Last month, Microsoft announced that it would be discontinuing Response Point, its software-based on-premises phone system for small businesses, on August 31 of this year. Frankly, this wasn't much of a surprise, as the service has been in "engineering maintenance status" (all development activities suspended) for over a year, so it was clear that Microsoft was no longer intent on continuing to compete in the PBX market.

    John Frederiksen, general manager in Microsoft’s Startup Business Group, has stated that Microsoft did not anticipate the advances in the telecommunications industry as hosted VoIP has become much more ubiquitous. “The change in telecom technology came upon us much faster than we predicted. It’s gone hosted and mobile.” Frederiksen went on to say that Response Point would need immense amounts of investment and development to compete with hosted VoIP systems, and it seems like Microsoft is simply not interested in pursuing such a fight. Such news indicates a definite shift away from premise-based systems towards the type of hosted VoIP we have here at M5 - the unabating march of technology continues!

    Response Point Is Dead, Long Live Hosted IP-PBX

    There are more signs that premise-license based-IP small biz phone systems are lunging into tech oblivion, joining PSTN and hardware PBXs, IVRs, dialers and answering machines, replaced by simplified cloud/hosted IP-PBXes.

    One of the biggest to die is Microsoft’s Response Point VoIP PBX. Microsoft announced in a post on its website that it would end sales, development and support for Response Point: on August 31, 2010.

    via Response Point Is Dead, Long Live Hosted IP-PBX. Posted by Brendan B. Read.

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