Retail Companies Shop for the Best Unified Communications Solution

    One of ShoreTel’s largest growing industries is retail. Retail companies like AND1, Blue Nile, Clark Pest Control, Cutter & Buck, Easton Bell Sports, Targus and many others use ShoreTel for their unified communications solutions. Retail companies are faced with managing growth and reducing costs usually with minimal IT staff. ShoreTel's ease-of-use and management makes it a perfect fit for retailers of all sizes. ShoreTel helps retail companies by improving productivity, cutting costs, and enhancing the customer experience, which impact every retailer's success.

    Blue Nile, the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry, upgraded to ShoreTel Contact Center 6 to take advantage of the advanced skill-based routing and analytics that offer a superior customer experience.  Blue Nile selected ShoreTel after an extensive evaluation, which included reviewing proposals from Cisco, Siemens and Nortel. The company selected ShoreTel because its feature-rich solution offered the lowest total cost of ownership.  Blue Nile has seen many benefits from using ShoreTel including:

    • The ShoreTel brilliantly simple distributed architecture enables Blue Nile’s IT staff to easily manage the entire system across three physical locations: two in Seattle, and one in Dublin, Ireland. 

    • Blue Nile more than doubles the number of representatives that work in their call center during holidays to manage the increase in traffic. The easy to use functionality of the ShoreTel system allows them to easily bring the new representatives fully onboard with minimal training.

    • ShoreTel Contact Center helps Blue Nile representatives achieve their service level goal of answering 80 percent of calls within ten seconds.


    Blue Nile puts the greatest care and craftsmanship into every piece of jewelry, and every customer interaction must reflect our commitment to excellence. We want to be sure that our agents have the finest quality tools available to help customers make this very important purchase, and ShoreTel Contact Center fully supports our goal of ensuring every call is answered by the most skilled representative.” John Baird, Director, Corporate Communications, Blue Nile