The Rise of the Multi-Channel Contact Center

    Consumers are growing increasingly savvy as they search for better deals, lower prices and better services from businesses. And to get what they want, they’re using a variety of ways of accessing services, from voice to email, web chat and instant messaging.

    ShoreTel’s new White Paper, Building a Multi-Channel Contact Center, explains how businesses can stay ahead of this trend by implementing their own efficient and responsive contact centers that can meet customer needs in whatever medium they’re using.

    But this is easier said than done. Contact centers need to ensure that consumer interest translates into business results.

    “It is not enough for companies to simply open up multiple channels to consumers - businesses also need to ensure the channels are effectively integrated and efficiently managed,” the White Paper points out.

    So deploying a contact center that effectively serves consumers and business needs is essential.

    “With ShoreTel's Contact Center solutions, agents and customers can utilize voice, Web chat, email, instant messaging and video to connect to one another, all utilizing the latest telecommunication features in an easy to use yet powerful dashboard,” according to the White Paper. “In addition, management system capabilities and reporting tools help organizations ensure that everything is running smoothly and benefitting the business as a whole.”

    Check out the full White Paper to see the challenges faced in building a successful contact center.

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