RMH Group

    The RMH Group is an award-winning mechanical, electrical, industrial process and sustainable design engineering firm where being able to communicate effectively from the office or field is critical to facilitating core operations.

    We recently shot an on-site video with them about their experience with their ShoreTel solution.

    After we completed our first interview with President Bill Green, the power went out. Not just their floor, not only their building – the entire block.

    About 45 minutes later the power came back on. Troy Kuskie, RMH’s IT manager, powered up their networking equipment and ShoreTel switches, bringing their communications back to life.

    But something had happened to the SA-100 they had installed, and it wouldn't power up. It was completely dead.

    However they had a backup SA-100, which they were able to get connected to the network, configured, and up and running, returning their conferencing capabilities to active service in less than 10 minutes.

    We even set up a quick conference with a user who had never used the system before in order to do some b-roll scenes for the video!

    It really was that simple.