A Road Warrior's Guide to Remote Meetings

    Meetings are a constant – and sometimes maddening – part of our business lives. For the ‘road warriors’ among us—those not physically present in the room—joining meetings remotely can present special challenges.

    Thanks to today’s mobile technologies, more and more people find themselves in the road warriors’ club. Whether you work from a remote office, connect from the airport or call in from the front seat of your car (safely parked, of course), below are tips to help make your meeting experience more productive.

    The Right Tools Make All the Difference

    If you’re participating in meetings remotely using a landline or simple cell phone, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. Besides losing the ability to observe your colleagues’ body language and clearly understand what’s being said, you can’t see the documents being shared or easily consult background notes or other materials that can help you fully participate.

    This is the kind of challenge unified communications was designed to solve. If you’re equipped with a modern smartphone or tablet and a product like ShoreTel Connect, you’ve got the ability to join meetings with a click, share documents and browser windows, and even make presentations to the larger group, no matter where you may be.

    Services like this were designed with remote users in mind. By harnessing unified communications, road warriors can easily take advantage of advanced features. And because you’re already connected to your company’s network, response time for video playback or slide-sharing is quick and painless.

    Plus, all of these capabilities can be accessed through a single client. That means you don’t have to switch between screens and applications when you need to find a document, consult notes or even consult with a colleague who may not be involved in this particular discussion. Tracking them down and connecting for a side conversation is a simple task.

    With ShoreTel Connect, you join meetings by clicking a button. There’s no need to open a calendar and enter a long PIN number, or fumble with a pen and paper in a cab so you can jot down access information. And when one meeting’s done, you simply click to join your next session, ready to go with audio, video, instant messaging, screen sharing, and everything else you need to share information across a widely scattered group. Contact Timelines give you quick access to past communications so you have pertinent information at your fingertips, ready to access and share without slowing down your conversation.

    Your work may involve spending long periods outside of the office – any office – but there’s no reason you have to compromise on the contributions you make to your team’s business discussions. When it comes to making their voices heard, ShoreTel Connect is a road warrior’s best friend.

    Are you a Meeting Maverick, Meeting Multitasker, or Meeting Maximizer? Find out by taking the ShoreTel Business Meeting Challenge.

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