ROI isn't the only selling point for unified communications

    Unified communications solutions are quickly becoming one of the most common new technology services implemented by a business. However, many companies struggle to establish a firm return on investment (ROI) analysis for UC. According to No Jitter contributor Gary Audin, this doesn't have to be the case, especially with hosted PBX solutions.

    One way to help bolster and ROI analysis is to examine the total cost of ownership (TCO) of any communications solution, according to Audin. TCO, or the analysis of all the costs related to implementing and maintaining a UC service over a given period of time, can provide vital insight when comparing VoIP PBX to legacy PBX systems and other aspects of UC to current services.


    Audin states, however, that many businesses over-anticipate the length of time needed to analysis TCO and ROI estimates. A recent Information Week survey shows that many companies plan to examine the ROI of cloud communications solutions for three-to-five years. Audin states that this may never prove these calculations though, because technology evolves too quickly for a single UC solution to remain optimal in that timespan.



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