Royal Agricultural Society Sees ROI in a Few Months With ShoreTel

    When it comes to promoting a healthy rural economy throughout the English countryside, there’s nothing rustic or slow about communications at the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

    This highly active nonprofit had been considering a unified communications strategy for some time, but it wasn’t until they visited the ShoreTel booth at a UC tradeshow that they found a cost-effective and powerful UC solution.

    Now RASE staff is taking full advantage of modern UC features, such as assigning their extensions to any phone when they travel and routing calls to multiple extensions to help ensure no call is missed.

    Thanks to ShoreTel’s brilliant simplicity, remote administration and system management are helping save valuable time and reduce costs: “ShoreTel also has reduced the time necessary to deploy a new extension by 75 percent,” said Stewart Page, Assistant Director of ICT for RASE. “It now takes only 10 minutes to install a new line for exhibitors, thereby improving the flexibility of RASE customer services. By eliminating the old system, we’ve taken back a whole equipment room, thus saving on space and cooling costs by having one less air conditioner.”

    For more details on how ShoreTel helped RASE see an ROI of just a few months after migration from their old system, read the full success story and request a demonstration.


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