Improving Patient Care with Skype for Business Call Center Integration

    Improving Patient Care with Skype Call Center Integration


    For SalusCare, a not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse service provider in Southwest Florida, its contact center, or “Welcome Center” isn’t about selling widgets—it’s about helping people change their lives. SalusCare provides outpatient, residential, emergency/crisis services, detox, prevention programming, and community-based services to individuals living in their homes.

    While the organization did great work for its patients, it had room for improvement when it came to communicating with them. Inbound call routing and outbound calls had to be handled manually, which was a problem for an organization that held responsiveness and efficiency as important objectives.

    “With our older system we had a lot of dropped calls and calls were sent to the next agent even if they weren’t there.” —Shawn Evans, IT Manager, SalusCare

    The organization also didn’t have good data to base business decisions on, like projecting call volume and staffing levels, and measuring agent strengths and weaknesses. 

    SalusCare uses Microsoft Lync (recently renamed Skype for Business) for its unified communications and voice capabilities, and needed a contact center solution that complemented that platform. With nearly two dozen Lync/Skype for Business-qualified contact center solutions available, Shawn Evans, SalusCare’s IT Manager, chose Mitel’s MiContact Center suite.

    “It integrates with Lync without having to rip out and replace everything. Mitel had all the advanced features we needed, and provides a seamless solution with Lync.”

    To find out more about the technology that Salus Care deployed and how those tools changed the business, read the original UC Strategies article SalusCare Improves Patient Care With Skype and Mitel Enabled Contact Center Solution by Blair Pleasant.


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