Saving Money with BYOD

    ShoreTel gives employees the option of either using a company issued device or using their own device and reimbursing them a fixed amount for the monthly service charge. If an employee’s monthly charges exceed the fixed amount, the employee is responsible for the difference.

    One of the advantages of working for a company like ShoreTel is being able to use the latest and greatest technologies developed by ShoreTel (also known as eating our own dog food). ShoreTel Mobility is a cool technology that, among other things, enables users to utilize voice over Wi-Fi to reduce the number of minutes used on their cell plan and eliminate any associated roaming charges.

    On a recent business trip to Canada, my wife tagged along and we left the kids with Grandma. My device of choice is an iPhone 4 and I have the ShoreTel Mobility RoamAnywhere Client installed on it. Every time we passed a Starbucks with its free Wi-Fi for iPhone users, we used the opportunity to check up on the kids, utilizing the ShoreTel Mobility software. At $0.79 per minute for international roaming from Canada, it would have cost a fortune to keep up with what’s going on at home, or we would’ve had to talk really, really fast.

    Thanks to ShoreTel Mobility, we were able to eliminate all roaming charges and were able to keep our monthly service charges below the company reimbursement amount, saving us money for the kids’ college funds.

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