Schools, government offices can benefit from VoIP as much as businesses

    Businesses of all sizes have been deploying VoIP service over the past few years with great success. Organizations can take advantage of VoIP benefits like increased productivity and communications quality. Schools, government offices and more can implement a hosted PBX solution rather than a traditional legacy plan in order to not only save money, but also improve overall operations.

    According to M Live, the Bay City, Michigan, city hall recently approved funds to upgrade its communications infrastructure for data and VoIP while already under construction to repair damage from a recent fire. Tony Reyes, the director of information technology, said the change could save the city anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of its annual IT budget.

    These changes will also improve problems that the city hall's old system had, such as garbled speech, according to the news source.

    In Maryland, the Howard County School System is also upgrading to a managed VoIP and video conferencing compatible wireless network. This change is designed to improve connectivity and integrate staff mobile devices with the current network of PC and Apple machines, as well as allow for improved collaborative technologies.

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