SDK Tools of Trade #4: ShoreTel Web Service vs. TAPI COM SDKs

    When integrating ShoreTel UC with third-party applications, both the ShoreTel TAPI COM and Web Service SDK provide a simpler interface than the ShoreTel TAPI SDK.

    However, there are some key differences in the exposed ShoreTel UC features. To help developers make an informed decision between the two SDKs, below is a matrix that compares the SDKs along several different comparative aspects to give developers a sense of when it might be most advantageous to choose one over the other:

    This capabilities matrix is also available in our developer interface catalog.

    Should a third-party application need to integrate the ShoreTel UC features on a platform or using a language that does not support Microsoft Windows COM, it can use the ShoreTel Web Service SDK.

    The ShoreTel Web Service SDK enables ShoreTel UC integrated applications to be built using programming languages of choice on platforms of choice. Its Web service interface is conformant with WS-I basic profile 1.1 for maximum interoperability.

    The ShoreTel Web Service SDK includes samples in Microsoft C#.,NET as well as Perl and Ruby to illustrate platform independent consumption of this SDK from commonly used development tools. For instance, the included set of Perl script samples illustrates making a call and monitoring call status using the Web Service SDK as the below screenshots show:


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