Secure VoIP Is A Must In 2015

    By now, a great deal of mobile users probably have some form of experience with VoIP - even if they don't know it. The ability to make phone calls over the Internet is proving to be convenient and cost-effective for businesses of all kinds around the world. But enterprises need to be paying attention to the kinds of services that are being leveraged within their networks. While it may seem innocuous to allow professionals to choose their own solutions, consumer-grade VoIP often leaves something to be desired in terms of security.

    "VoIP has proven its resilience over the last decade," wrote TMCnet contributor Michelle Amodio. "Having evolved with the Internet since its inception, VoIP has only gotten better and more efficient with time, helping businesses to communicate more effectively and for a lot less money. Yet despite all the good things that come with VoIP, some IT executives are becoming more aware of the possible security risks associated with VoIP implementation."

    Not all voice over IP phone systems are created equal. As such, companies need to invest in VoIP tools that are secure enough to handle enterprise communications. Making sure that these connections are protected can save a great deal of time and trouble down the road.

    Cybersecurity Essential For VoIP

    Because phone lines are moving to data lines, they need to be defended like other IP connections. According to Amodio, this comes in the form of things like encryption and firewalls - standard fare for cybersecurity initiatives.

    "IT execs keep a keen eye on their networks, mostly because the remote workforce has grown significantly in the recent past," Amodio wrote. "This means networks can be susceptible to known security issues, like VoIP fraud and other malicious attacks from hackers."

    VoIP systems are of little use when they are under attack or out of commission. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly shifting, and preparing telecom assets against new challenges will be essential to successful initiatives.