Security in the Cloud

    Cloud is not a new concept; in fact, it has long been in existence. The difference is technology is now changing the implementation methods of how we communicate and conduct business. We are shifting to a world where specific hardware is no longer as relevant as the user experience. The latter of which includes some semblance of control over the content we create and its associated metadata.

    Security is always a concern when the transmission of data is involved, even more so when it comes to cloud services that sit outside the corporate firewall.

    Anytime you combine services, the threat level automatically increases. Every time you bring separate points of entry together, you increase vulnerabilities. There are also inherent vulnerabilities when you have portals where different people can log in. A single point of failure will leave you open to a full system-wide hack.

    Given enough time and patience, it is possible to breach any system. This is not what users want to hear, but acknowledgement of such reality is what makes data safer.

    As a technology communications company, our job is to create roadblocks that keep such deviants at bay, which is actually a smarter strategy than a never-ending game of escalating Chutes and Ladders for complex barriers.

    For more information on the issues enterprises face when evaluating migration of communication solutions into the cloud, and how to mitigate your risks, check out this white paper.

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