Security a No. 1 concern with mobile unified communications

    While many businesses are embracing rising trends like mobility and bring-your-own-device, they are not properly accounting for related security risks. According to a recent survey by PwC and InfoSecurity Europe, 82 percent of large businesses have reported security breaches due to staff use of personal devices for work, yet only 39 percent encrypt the data downloaded to those employee smartphones and tablets. Additionally, less than half of businesses of all sizes provide security awareness programs to help education employees on these dangers.

    Mobility gives employees more flexibility and the option to work remotely, either taking their work home with them or transferring it to various devices in order to move about the office or to meetings conveniently. However, it is very easy to lose or have a smartphone or tablet stolen, so unencrypted, sensitive data could easily be exploited by non-employees.


    One solution to this problem is to deploy a cloud-based unified communications service with integrated data solutions. The cloud provides improved, secure access, negating the need to download sensitive material to personal devices. Rather than risk losing that information, a professional can simply access it remotely whenever necessary.



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