Selecting the Right Business Phone Endpoints

    If you’ve decided to buy a business phone system, you already know you’re making a terrific investment for your organization. But now it’s time to consider one extremely important question: How are you selecting your endpoints?

    Simply put, a business phone endpoint is a type of phone. This can include conference units, softphones, VoIP phones and SIP phones—all of which you need to sift through to decide which will empower your organization most. Let’s take a look at the differences between some endpoints below.


    A softphone enables users to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls—phone calls over the open Internet—using their computer or any other smart device. This is a piece of software that acts as a phone interface, allowing users to make phone calls and conduct all other phone-related functions using a computer’s mouse, keypad or keyboard.

    VoIP phone

    A VoIP business phone system allows users to make phone calls over the open Internet. It takes standard telephone audio and translates it into digital phone signals, which are then transmitted over the Internet. A VoIP phone requires no actual phone set; as explained above, it can be utilized via any device that has an Internet connection.

    IP Conference unit

    An IP conferencing unit—a business phone system accessory—can be plugged into an IP business phone system to provide full conferencing and telephony functionality via a single local area network (LAN) connection. The unit provides session initiation protocol (SIP) support and enables users to easily manage their conferences through familiar, telephony controls. Depending on the scale and size of your organization, the number of conferencing units you need is paramount to keep business communications flowing. Learn more about choosing the right endpoints for your business by clicking here.

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