Several IT trends impacting mobile PBX, report says

    The rapid growth of mobile, social and cloud computing technologies has made it possible for employees to achieve their tasks without physically being in their offices. A recent report highlighted how these trends impact how organizations use PBX.

    "This means that the mobile phones of remote workers are seen just like their deskbound colleagues as extensions of the PBX; calls can be simply transferred and everyone can pick up their responsibility on a hunt group," the report stated. "Rather than lone wolves and road warriors, everyone can be seen to be on the same team."

    The news provider added that there are no restrictions regarding how this service is offered, whether it be from an on-premise solution or hosted service from a cloud provider.

    While some companies have continued to support their legacy PBX systems in the face of new and improved options, many experts agree that businesses should upgrade to cloud-based services to save costs. A recent TechDay report asserted that the latter solutions not only help organizations lower their budgets, but reduce frustrations associated with older technology.

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