ShoreTel’s Brilliant Simplicity Rocks Colorado

    One of the biggest challenges government faces today is how to expand information-sharing and services for constituents within a system that is built on transparency, public participation, and collaboration.

    Opening lines of communication continues to be a priority for cities, states and agencies throughout the country. However, government offices and agencies also face the same challenge as businesses: how to do more with less.

    For the City of Lakewood in Colorado, this meant replacing a 22-year-old phone system that was increasingly dropping calls, causing costly, time-consuming and embarrassing fire drills, and that at the end of the day offered limited features to the two dozen or so offices across the city. And this needed to be completed within budget, on schedule and under close taxpayer scrutiny.

    After a comprehensive and meticulous evaluation process, and a pilot system that took less than a day to set up and learn, the City of Lakewood team chose ShoreTel.

    With more than 1,000 ShorePhone IP Telephones across the city, lines of communication have never been more open—from recreation centers, public works and other departments that can handle more calls faster to hotlines that give out advice to citizens during snowstorms and other emergency events.

    In fact, the City of Lakewood IT team is so impressed with the capabilities and ease of management of the ShoreTel UC system that representatives recently spoke at a seminar offered by ShoreTel partner OCx.

    At the seminar, staff from school districts, city governments and public health departments from up to 300 miles away gathered to hear how the reliability, brilliant simplicity and low total cost of ownership of the ShoreTel system is helping the City of Lakewood leap mountains.

    Read the full City of Lakewood success story to find out more.


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