ShoreTel’s Cloud Division (Formerly Known as M5 Networks) Adopts the ShoreTel Brand - FAQs

    If you’ve visited our website, called us or dropped by our office lately, you’ve probably notice that the company formerly known as M5 Networks has now fully incorporated the ShoreTel brand.  We’ve also introduced the name ShoreTel Sky for our Cloud Division family of products and services.   We couldn’t be happier to be now fully part of the ShoreTel family.  We have a new name, but the same team of employees that you trust. We’ve been asked a few questions about the transition, so here are answers to some of the things that may be on your mind:

    I’m confused.  What happened to M5?  In March of this year M5 Networks was acquired by ShoreTel Inc.  Together, we offer companies the choice of on-premise or cloud-based brilliantly simple phone systems and unified communication solutions.

    Why are you retiring the M5 brand?  Don’t people know you as M5?  We have built a solid reputation under the M5 name.  However, we are now part of ShoreTel and are proud to reflect a brand that has built a world-wide base of ardent fans.  We are one company and our new identity reflects that.  This is especially important as we begin to develop products that will let customers choose to deploy a mix of on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

    Are you ShoreTel or ShoreTel Sky?   ShoreTel is our company name and ShoreTel Sky is the name of our cloud-based suite of services, much like Microsoft Office is an offering from Microsoft.

    How do I reach you?  Has your contact information changed?  Although all of our M5 website URL’s and email address will continue to reach us for some time, we encourage everyone to use our new information:



    User Portal:

    I follow M5 on Social Media; Do I need to follow ShoreTel Now?  We have created a Facebook page and Twitter handle for the ShoreTel Sky family of cloud services.  If you followed M5, you’ll automatically follow ShoreTel Sky.  If you’d like to follow ShoreTel too, we encourage you to do that.

    Will this mean any changes to my service or support?

    Nope.  Starting today and continuing over the next few months you will see cosmetic changes to our portals, applications and other resources.  But, you will not lose any services or functionality.  In fact, in some cases we are also rolling out feature enhancements, such as with our user portal.  Our same support team and structure remains in place and they are ready, as always, to assist you.  We do expect to see a lot more orange around the office.

    This is an exciting time for our organization. Hopefully this is helpful information.  If you still have questions, please just let us know.

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