ShoreTel’s Infographic Outlines 10 Home Office Essentials

    Telecommuting has long been celebrated as a solution to work/life balance and less congested roads. Working from home is highly popular with IT managers, customer service representatives and salespeople, to name a few. Whether you work from home on Fridays or as a way of life, you need the right tools to stay connected with coworkers, collaborate effectively, and make your contributions known.

    You’ll need a functional workspace and a comfortable chair and desk. But you’ll also need modern communication tools such as ShoreTel’s business phone system, which helps you move seamlessly between voice calls, video sessions, or instant messaging. ShoreTel Communicator software runs on a web browser, Windows, Mac OS, iPhones, BlackBerry and Nokia phones.

    And you can eliminate the need for a desk phone and transform your Apple iPad or iPhone into a desk phone with the ShoreTel Dock, which, when combined with the ShoreTel Mobility Client, lets you extend your UC apps, including voice, location-aware presence and IM to your mobile devices, so you can use your smartphone or tablet as your primary communication device.

    To get a full picture of working from home, check out our infographic of 10 essentials for your home office.

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