ShoreTel’s Network Assessment Ensures a Successful Deployment

    IT managers have a lot on their plate in managing the many needs of their organizations, and sometimes, assessing the performance of their networks may not be on the top of their list. But when ShoreTel technicians prepare to implement a solution for customers, they make sure a network assessment is performed first.

    “We strongly believe in a network assessment because we know what happens when one is not undertaken,” says Chad Horton, Technical Account Manager at ShoreTel.

    ShoreTel goes farther than other VoIP and Unified Communications vendors by providing a comprehensive network assessment. By testing a data network’s ability to successfully support IP telephony traffic and discovering potential performance problems before a system is installed, ShoreTel’s network assessment helps customers plan, design and implement a successful IP telephony solution.

    The assessment can be administered by a ShoreTel solutions partner or by a ShoreTel engineer and its role in leading to successful ShoreTel implementations is a key factor leading to ShoreTel’s industry-leading customer satisfaction rating in the Net Promoter Score, which measures a customer’s willingness to recommend a company or product to others.

    “It’s a fundamental building block for ensuring success for any customer planning to deploy VoIP,” says Joel Kappes, Senior Manager for Implementation Services with ShoreTel.

    The comprehensive ShoreTel Network Assessment monitors both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) links over a number of days rather than hours. In addition to revealing conditions that could degrade IP telephony performance, the longer assessment helps to identify the source of intermittent problems. “We get a really good sense of where the problems are,” Horton says.

    For a network assessment, contact ShoreTel here.

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