ShoreTel 14 Diagnostics and Monitoring

    ShoreTel Diagnostics and Monitoring is a web-based tool that provides detailed information about performance and health of your ShoreTel system.

    The clean interface of diagnostics and monitoring within ShoreTel 14 provides clear visibility and proactive monitoring of the quality of calls, bandwidth utilization, performance of system components, and other parameters of the system, with relevant information consolidated and collected in an easy-to-use format.

    Let’s review Diagnostics and Monitoring in more details.

    Easy access from the Web
    Diagnostics and Monitoring is available from the ShoreTel Director main page. While working with Diagnostics and Monitoring you can easily adjust the time interval and the refresh rate of the information you are viewing. Many of the overview elements also drill down for fast and easy access to detailed information.

    Status Bar
    A quick-view status bar gives an immediate visual indication of the health of various key elements in the system, including connections, trunk groups, bandwidth, voice quality, switches and servers.

    status bar

    The Diagnostics and Monitoring dashboard give a graphical representations of the call volume, call quality, and bandwidth utilization, as well as usage of trunk groups, features and CPU, so you can easily and quickly have an overview of the overall health and performance of the system.


    A visual map of the topology of the system is presented with color coding to quickly indicate if any issues are cause for concern.


    The status section provides additional information on the system, switches, and servers, IP Phones, trunk groups, voice mail, conferencing and instant messaging.


    The Alert section provides a comprehensive and detailed view of all alerts in the system.


    Call Quality
    The call quality section provides detailed information regarding calls that occurred, including packet loss, jitter, delay and Mean Opinion score (MOS), for each call along with IP path trace information to help zero in on the specific portion of the network or device that may be causing problems.

    call quality1

    System administrator can review IP Path Trace for each call in order to see the packets route between the end points as well as packets loss or delay.

    call quality2

    For advanced system analysis, system administrator can invoke remote packet capture directly from ShoreTel Director in order to further diagnose an issue.


    Following ShoreTel’s Brilliantly Simple strategy, ShoreTel Release 14 will deliver easy to learn and easy to use system monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to enable proactive management of a ShoreTel system.

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