ShoreTel 9: The Future of Personalized Communications in Your Hand

    Do more with less has become the mantra du jour across organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. ShoreTel release 9 delivers the type of next generation enhancements organizations need to simplify administration, improve reliability and streamline processes.

    Here’s a brief sampling of some of the many innovative features and enhanced capabilities available in this latest release:

    Improved Reliability and Simplified Administration

    N + 1 Reliability Improvements:
    This release simplifies the deployment of highly reliability communications through the enhancement of the system’s N+1 redundancy features. By simply adding a spare ShoreGear® Voice Switch at your headquarters, you can provide back-up services to all your remote locations. ShorePhone IP Telephones seamlessly fail over to these designated spare switches, without affecting currently active calls, providing high availability at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional PBXs.

    Microsoft Active Directory Integration:
    Integration with Microsoft Active Directory streamlines the process of provisioning users in ShoreWare® Director and leverages their existing network credentials for authentication within ShoreWare applications. Change your Windows NT password, and it automatically is mapped to your ShoreTel applications. Just another thing you no longer have to worry about.

    Enhanced System Security:
    Customers requiring enhanced network security can take advantage of two new features in this release: 802.1x based network authentication in ShorePhone IP Telephones and 128 bit AES media encryption, which provides standards-based, state-of-the-art protection against eavesdropping.

    Improved End User Ease of Use

    Personalize Call Handling:
    A powerful new addition to the ShoreWare Call Manager suite is the Personalized Call Handling feature. Users can define rules on how they would like to have incoming calls treated, regardless of whether the ShoreWare Call Manager application is running. When a call arrives from one of your personal VIP’s, it can be sent to directly to your mobile phone. But when a call arrives from someone on the less important list, they can be sent right to voicemail.

    Changing Office Anywhere and Call Handling Modes Based on Location:
    Devices with built-in GPS that allow third-party applications to access GPS data can leverage ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager’s new Location Based Services (LBS) to define waypoints that trigger automatic changes to Call Handling Mode and Office Anywhere settings, based on the location of the mobile phone. This gives you automatic control of how calls are handled. For example, if your home time is private time, you can set the Mobile Call Manager to automatically set your phone in “out of the office” mode and have all your calls forwarded to voicemail just by driving up into your driveway.

    Multitasking at Work with Phone Calls and Instant Messages:
    In this release, we have expanded the Instant Messaging features of the Professional Call Manager to give users more power. Instant messaging is the perfect tool for getting things done quickly when you are on the phone. With ShoreTel 9, users can expand a standard two-party IM session by adding participants as needed from a list that shows their presence, and provides an actionable menu. What’s more, the new Tabbed Chat interface permits users to keep track of multiple conversations in a single window, rather than juggling several floating windows.

    Eliminating Voicemail Tag:
    Few things in life are more frustrating than a rousing game of voicemail tag. You leave a message, miss their call back, and find yourself leaving a message again. With ShoreTel 9, users can avoid voicemail tag by setting an alert when they see that their colleague in the enterprise, or at a remote office, is on the phone. When the person they need becomes available (signaled by a change in their presence status) a notification appears to let you know. Simply press the call button and you’re connected.

    For more information on these features, and details on the other enhancements available with this latest release, contact your local ShoreTel partner.


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