ShoreTel and HP Networking: Success matters. So does how you get there.

    Successfully managing a business means effectively communicating without barriers or borders. Organizations want reliable and flexible tools to cost-efficiently communicate, collaborate and conference, from anywhere at any time, on any network, using any device.

    ShoreTel and HP have joined together to deliver best-of-breed Unified Communications and Networking solutions that enable organizations to quickly take advantage of industry-leading reliability, scalability and simplicity, with the lowest total cost of ownership.

    ShoreTel’s unique distributed voice architecture and premise-based VoIP platform combine with highly scalable, resilient, and agile HP Networking infrastructure, for end-to-end UC that is critical to today’s modern multimedia and mobility needs.

    The ShoreTel HP Networking solutions deliver quality and consistency across a variety of platforms and devices using the right infrastructure. Users are able to instantly access a rich suite of UC collaboration tools from their desktop or mobile device without having to worry about accessibility or reliability issues. The brilliantly simple design and management of ShoreTel with HP Networking allow organizations to swiftly adapt to future changes without the typical complexity of heterogeneous IT environments.

    Organizations need to eliminate costly complexity and want the freedom to leverage these best-of-breed opportunities. To ensure the lowest possible costs for VoIP solutions, ShoreTel TCO Advantage calculates the percent of TCO reduction delivered from a ShoreTel UC implementation compared with UC vendor alternatives. HP Networking is committed to open standards and bringing efficiencies to network operations to considerably reduce infrastructure investment, maintenance, support, and overall TCO.

    The integrated ShoreTel and HP Networking solution architecture offers an unbeatable choice for lowering capital and operational costs while dramatically improving how communications are managed and delivered for the business.

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